30 October 2008

Setting up Education Fund

In this difficult time, when almost all prices of goods and services increased, startegi need a more creative and mature in education funding to prepare the fruit heart.
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Actually, there are only two keywords, namely positive cash flow and savings strategies. What is positive cash flow? The formula easily, which is income greater than expenditures How, when income is not increasing each month, while spending increased due to price increases? Here is the strategy.

1. forget the debt
With forget the debt, it means you truly live in accordance with ability. If not enough money to buy a car, I do not credit. If not enough money to buy a laptop, I do not debt. Moreover tempted installment for the light to fulfill the holiday overseas. Wuih, liburannya completed, the road continues installment. With forget the debt, you will be separated from jeratan interest and installments, for which there is no know what will happen in the future.

At least, when suddenly your own partner or ill, or no, you will not be pursued, pursue installments. I really need something and it can only be obtained with debt, try to be calculated again and, if need be a thousand times, whether you really need. Try to use this formula, THAT DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE or I OFF. If the answer is still not dead, if they do not buy goods or consume these services, means that the desire is still pending.

2. After easy
When you become personal who easily satisfied and will always be grateful to that play, you will be separated from the temptation to buy goods or services that are not necessary. For example, the moment we can only be used for calls and SMS, so what? Most of us use the phone a sophisticated, complete with features of the Internet, wifi, and so forth, also never used (alias gaptek). So, should buy something that is consistent with your needs. So, in the end is not easy tempted persuasion ads that are very obsess. Essentially, always looking for ways or the most appropriate therapy for themselves grateful for what you have.

For additional tips, I try to keep the credit card as far as possible when I'm at the mall. Know that the goods in shopping malls always tempt the eye, I only bring adequate cash. Sehinggga, if cash money to live a little and suddenly tempted nan pretty cool shoes, I do not buy because the money in the wallet is a little (origin do not come back next day, yes). Because after all, I'm just a normal Cosmopolitan woman, born to love beautiful things and branded.

3. Creative
Gasoline expensive, so use public vehicles. Driving a car in the street will only remove the stuck free gasoline. Keep prestige, turn creative ideas, search for the most creative way to make money lawful and pressing expenses. If you feel so expensive lunch, take stock. When the salary of office barely, you can bring to the office of a trade (such as dry cake cake, mukena Lulu, or work clothes. With the note, the regulations allow the office).

Or, if Sunday is usually the way you and hangouts in the expensive coffee shop, have a friend who sells participate in the bazaar. If your marketing whiz, why not become a pretext job brokers or agents of the property (not infringe the rules of origin office). This means, many thousand creative ways that you can be a lawful can get if you just want to maximize the brain a little creative. Do not wait for salary increases that may never come. Better pick the ball, looking for opportunities.

4. Discipline
The last is the discipline with the rules that you create your own. Imagine this, because only tempted by the situation, you violate the promise or commitment that has made its own. This is like lick their own saliva. I deliberately make little parable that hard, because to get positive cash flow, it takes struggle. Believe me, the discipline that will be successful, and the fruits of success that will be very sweet, namely that there is more money can be saved each month, so you can prepare more mature fund education for your child.


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educationis nomber one

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education is important

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