13 December 2009

How to Get a Yahoo Pasword

It is extremely easy to learn how to get a Yahoo password. First of all, Yahoo is one network that offers homepages and free email accounts to people that affords them the opportunity to obtain a password that goes along with their email account. Another way to obtain a Yahoo password is to establish your Internet service with an Internet service provider, such as A T & T, where they offer the Yahoo browser and software to their Internet customers. Upon establishing your service and setting up your Internet account, you will have the chance to choose your own username, which will usually be your email account, along with a password, that is personally chosen by you, to your new Internet account. Of course, at the same time, this gives you a Yahoo email account, as well.

Follow these simple instructions to set up a free email account. First of all, access the Yahoo.com Internet homepage. Then access the selection that says "email." After accessing the email selection, you will be prompted to put in a username and password if you have one. If you need to establish your account, choose the selection that says "register for an email account." After that, you will be prompted on the instructions of just how to establish your new user ID and password. Once established, you have the opportunity to change your password anytime you wish to for your security.


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